Get This Agile Corsair Gaming Mouse With An 18,000 DPI At Only $50, Exclusive From Amazon

Get This Agile Corsair Gaming Mouse With An 18,000 DPI At Only $50, Exclusive From Amazon
Credit: eTeknix via YouTube

With the Black Friday deals looming just around the corner, many techs and gaming products are being pulled out from the market with value prices. One of the gaming accessories spearheading the upcoming November tech sales is the Corsair Glaive Pro RGB gaming mouse.

The Corsair Glaive Pro RGB gaming mouse is one of the agile gaming mice designed and produced by California-based Corsair Components. It features swappable grips and is packed with versatility features and reliable performance.

One of the most significant features of the Corsair Glaive Pro is its unconventional design and customizable appearance. The swappable grips give users a fine-tuned usability for those who’d love to personalize their mouse grips. By default, Glaive Pro offers a flat-surfaced thumb grip. There are two other grips, including a grooved-one and one that provides a softer texture.

The Glaive Pro is also equipped with an 18,000 DPI optical sensor and has an onboard profile memory. One should note that customization of the features can be done using the profile storage rigged inside the mouse.

The modular thumb grips provide a nice touch when having hours of gaming sessions proving extra comfort. The gaming mice also features a total of seven buttons strategically located for ease of access. Glaive Pro features the conventional left and right buttons, a clickable center wheel, 2 DPI sensitivity buttons, and two more thumb buttons just to the sides.

One exciting feature of the Glaive Pro is its auto-calibration feature. The mouse will automatically re-calibrate the sensors based on the surface where the mouse is resting. The mouse’s software learning curve is a little piece of weapon to help you gain a better mouse use.

Corsair is one of the better mouse designers and manufacturers when it comes to tracking DPI levels. Instead of using the arcane lighting combo, this gaming masterpiece uses lighted notches, giving you an idea on which profile and DPI setting are being used.

Performance-wise, the Corsair Glaive Pro RGB gaming mouse is worth owning, especially for massive gamers. It has a comfortable grip, fine-tuned settings, and performs well with almost all kinds of PC games.

For just $50, this gaming mouse fits right within anyone’s budget. It’s also worth noting that the Glaive Pro RBG gaming mouse has also topped several review sites this year. You can get the Corsair Glaive Pro at a discount this month only at Amazon.