Latest Minecraft Patch Introduces Honey Block To The Game, Nether Offered As Latest Tourist Destination

Latest Minecraft Patch Introduces Honey Block To The Game, Nether Offered As Latest Tourist Destination
Credit: Logdotzip via YouTube

Minecraft users, rejoice! The game’s latest update has finally introduced the honey block. As the patch’s name suggests, bees and honey are now part of the title’s gameplay.

In a snapshot of the newest update, the honey block would be an integral part of the game. And here is the exciting thing: players have two ways of maximizing the block’s use.

The first option is for gamers to use it in building a house. The second choice is for users to jump over it. With the new update, players can show off their parkour skills.

Gamers are a positive group. They believe dreams can turn into reality. Only a few months ago, players began a thread on Reddit to talk about the upcoming Minecraft 1.15 update.

The users came up with a wish list on what they wanted to see in the game. Some wanted the blocks to have more color options, while others wanted the bats to have a higher purpose.

A lot of players are bothered by flying creatures. Would it not be better if they can aid gamers in constructing gardens, houses, and other structures instead?

Minecraft fans have other aspirations for the game. The players want the next update to include the cave or Nether. This wish may come true in 2020.

If the Nether expansion pushes through, it may come with features that enhance a location’s landscape. World-building will be more challenging with the introduction of new biomes.

However, players know the Nether is not exactly an ideal place to visit. It is hellish, and users would not like to go there unprepared. They have to be ready to duke it out with enemies.

It, therefore, comes as a pleasant surprise that the developer is launching the Nether as a tourist destination. In its Twitter account, it announced that players are in for a scorching holiday.

If players are looking for the next family getaway, the Nether would be the right choice. Although danger lurks in every corner, its picturesque landscape will enthrall users.

As gamers move across the place, they will be thrilled with the journey. Along the way, they will be crossing paths with amazing wildlife and culture.

Here’s more. Players will have the ability to generate portals of different shapes and sizes. Jumping through dimensions is undoubtedly cool.

Meanwhile, the Minecraft mob can design the kind of transportation they can use to reach Nether. Players are certainly in for a thrilling ride.