ARCTIC Releases Massive Freezer 50 TR ARGB CPU Cooler For The AMD Ryzen Threadripper

ARCTIC Releases Massive Freezer 50 TR ARGB CPU Cooler For The AMD Ryzen Threadripper
Credit: ARCTIC via YouTube

Swiss-founded tech manufacturing company, Arctic, is set to release another stability and efficiency accessory for AMD processors. The new Freezer 50 TR ARGB CPU air cooler is already out in the market. The Freezer 50 TR ARGB cooler will be the latest line from the well-respected desktop peripheral designer and manufacturer.

This latest peripheral from the Arctic also forecasts the possible release of another processor, the Ryzen Threadripper. The GPU will be rigged with a 24-core 48 thread raw processing power. The AMD microprocessor is expected for release next month.

On the other hand, the new Arctic cooler has a processor-based structure conforming to the Zen 2 architecture. If there’s anything the new Arctic Freezer 50 TR can confirm, it’s that a third-gen Threadripper bearing a 64-core 128 thread processor is close at hand.

Since the new CPU air cooler is based on Zen 2 models, we can expect the cooling device to accommodate upcoming processor models starting with the latest Threadripper GPU.

The Arctic Freezer 50 TR features a mammoth-sized heatsink, providing an impressive cooling potential. The reason behind such design is because it was built especially for graphic-intensive graphics cards like the AMD Ryzen Threadripper-powered desktop.
The air cooler also comes with a U-shaped and asymmetrical tower design with aluminum fin stacks. Each of the fin stacks sports an eight 6mm copper heat pipe that runs through the whole processor.

The direct contact of the heat pipes with the processor provides an effective thermal heat transfer to the two aluminum fin stacks. Some of the notable features of the new Arctic GPU air cooler includes a dual-tower design powered by eight heat pipes for efficient performance, a hundred percent die coverage for sturdy protection, and two pressure-optimized cooling fans.

The Arctic Freezer 50 TR ARGB Air Cooler also features a customizable RGB for a personalized illumination. The Arctic is known to create some of the most silent coolers in the industry, so we can expect this new CPU accessory to have the same characteristics.

Probably one of the best things about the Arctic Freezer 50 is its low power consumption despite its power and agility. It has an extended life span, which makes an impressive must-have for gamers and graphic demanding professions.

The new Arctic Freezer 50 TR ARGB CPU Cooler is already available with an MSRP of $64.99.