Worbital Has Made Its Way From PC Into The Worlds Of PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch

Worbital Has Made Its Way From PC Into The Worlds Of PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch
Credit: Team Jolly Roger

Worbital released in January of this year, but it is now escaping its planetary boundary and reaching far new worlds. As of now, you can purchase Worbital on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. The planetary artillery game allows you to use gravity and a little strategy to blast your friends and enemies into an impressive array of fireworks.

This game is a real-time strategic artillery game in space mixed with a heavy dose of cosmic chaos. Be the last planet standing as you blast the other planetary bodies in your solar system to bits.

Each player has their own planet on which they build support structures with increasingly powerful weapons. Using these weapons of mass destruction, the planets wreck havoc upon the solar system in an attempt to blast apart all opposition.

This game puts a whole new meaning to cosmic chaos. You can blow other planets away as you battle it out until eventually a whole new problem is met in the system. The sun, at a random interval, will explode, and suddenly, you are now drifting into battle against well-armed foes.

The key to victory lies in smart preparation and clever tactics. Railguns, lasers, world rammers, magnets, orbit boosters, shields, and dozens of other unique weapons are in your arsenal of war. Find your own strategy and become the last planet standing in a field of planetary destruction.

The game comes with a mixture of modes, including online multiplayer and split-screen couch combat. Harness your skills in single-player skirmishes or test your might in a single-player campaign battle. Each mode holds its own challenges and merits as you continue to grow as the most dangerous planet in the system.

The game is developed by Team Jolly Roger in co-operation with Advanced Interactive Gaming. The game’s entire purpose is to realize the interplanetary war in real-time, emphasizing hype-filled gameplay and strategic gravitational destruction. It is freeing itself from the limits of similar games in favor of unrealistic interplanetary fun.

Worbital is available on Steam, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and the Nintendo Switch. You can purchase it for $12.99 or play a free demo on the main Worbital website. Break the laws of space and blast the other planets to oblivion in this wacky game. It is up to you on how you do it, what weapons you use, and who will be the last planet standing in a solar system of total annihilation.