Latest Alienware Stylish And Speedy 27” Gaming Monitor Is Finally Available

Latest Alienware Stylish And Speedy 27” Gaming Monitor Is Finally Available
Credit: Alienware via YouTube

The US multi-national computer tech company, Dell, is gradually creating more gaming monitors to add in its Alienware collection, particularly for the upcoming holiday season.

Alienware that can be identified by its alien-themed logo, is a subsidiary company of Dell and has been producing and designing technology specifically for gaming. From gaming consoles to gaming desktops, Alienware had been actively creating more gaming hardware since its foundation back in 1996.

The latest gaming monitor in the Alienware lineup is the 27-inch display gaming monitors that are both stylish and speedy. The developers admitted to having tried their best to bring the latest technologies available for players in its latest gaming monitors. The monitors came with a full overhaul design and equipped with some critical features for gaming.

With a high refresh rate of 240 Hz, the speedy monitor gives gamers a near to life experience. The monitors are built at a 1080p HD display resolution to deliver better and fully immersive gaming visuals.

The company also incorporated a new technology called Fast IPS. The developer claimed that at one pixel, the monitor would be able to refresh its image within a short 1ms with this new technology. The combined technology of the high 240Hz refresh rates and the 1ms fast response time gives avid gamers the best gaming experience possible.

Similar to other devices lineup from the company, the monitor is remodeled after the company’s latest “Legend Industrial Design.” The design is a minimal and universal representation of the company’s brand.

Based on this design, the monitors stand is built for easy cable-management, space-saving, and fast port access. The stand also features a height-adjustable tilt capability that allows gamers to get the best monitor position during gameplay.

The design also includes a white exterior that has three RGB (Red, Green, and Blue) lighting systems for the logo, power button, and the backlight strip, as well as a sleek modern style.

The latest monitor is currently available with AMD FreeSync technology that helps synchronizes the monitors and graphics for fast and distortion-free gameplay. Gamers can also receive assistance for the AMD FreeSync. The support will help them in fending off the screen, tearing in their games when used together with AMD graphics cards that are compatible.

Moreover, the monitor is equipped with several ports, including two HDMI 2.0 ports, a USB upstream port (3.1), four USB downstream ports (3.1), a headset port, and an external audio port.

Interested gamers can head over to Dell’s official website to purchase the monitor or read on more details about this latest gaming technology.