The Outer Worlds Will Only Get Enhancements On Xbox One, No Luck For PlayStation 4 Pro Users

The Outer Worlds Will Only Get Enhancements On Xbox One, No Luck For PlayStation 4 Pro Users
Credit: Xbox via YouTube

If you’re planning on picking up Obsidian Entertainment’s new open-world RPG The Outer Worlds–which, if you’re an RPG fan you definitely are–then you may want to think twice about which platform you are playing it on. As it turns out, the game’s publisher, Private Division, has stated the game will be playable in 4k on Xbox One X, but PlayStation 4 Pro players aren’t going to be getting any upgrades.

If you own both consoles, then you’re in luck. If not, however, it may time to start thinking about hopping on the Xbox One train. After all, not only is The Outer Worlds going to look and play better on Microsoft’s console, the game is going to be available through the Xbox Game Pass on day 1. Of course, if you have a beefy enough PC, you’ll get all this and more with the potential for mods and even better visuals and performance.

While the PlayStation 4 Pro was originally considered to be a powerhouse in the gaming world, the Xbox One X has significantly overshadowed Sony’s console as the premier 4K gaming environment. There are several AAA titles that have released across both consoles that have seen notable improvements on the Xbox One X, while the PS4 Pro has struggled to keep up with the competition, often sacrificing performance for visual fidelity.

This isn’t the first time that we’ve seen the PlayStation 4 Pro come up shorthanded. We Happy Few, the survival horror title from Gearbox, ran noticeably better on the Xbox One X, with the game being displayed at full 4k resolution. The PS4 version, however, was only able to achieve the standard 1080p, though it did have some HDR support included. A massive game like The Outer Worlds is definitely going to benefit from the enhancements, which is a shame if you were planning on picking up the game on PS4.

The Outer Worlds is a new, open-world RPG that is being described as “Fallout New Vegas in space.” As with previous Obsidian releases, the game is heavily centered around your created character, as your skills and abilities influence your playstyle and approach to quests. Featuring several planets to explore, companions to recruit, and quests to complete, the game is looking to be a solid, deep RPG with an incredibly unique world. The game is set to launch in only a couple of weeks on October 25. The game will be available for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC, with a Nintendo Switch release coming later.