World Of Warcraft: Shadowlands Prepatch Adds Exile’s Reach Leveling, But Many Transmogrification Items Are Missing

World Of Warcraft: Shadowlands Prepatch Adds Exile’s Reach Leveling, But Many Transmogrification Items Are Missing
Credit: World of Warcraft via YouTube

Yesterday, Blizzard was finally able to implement the prepatch for their World of Warcraft: Shadowlands expansion set to release later this year, despite delays. While the release was far from flawless, the content promised has been added or altered!

Mostly, anyway. It seems that there are a few things missing, and players are quick to ask when they’ll be seeing what they’ve been excited for. All in all, the prepatch itself has been a bit… janky.

Plenty of new additions are struggling a bit. For example, alterations to models have caused Vulpera to have most staves clip through their heads and ears, which makes them look more than a bit ridiculous.

The Exile’s Reach starting zone is one of the biggest features of the prepatch and new expansion. Serving to completely rehaul the leveling of the game, characters 1-10 (core races, as allied races start at 10) are presented with this new zone as an alternative option.

Another big draw was the transmogrification gear being added with the Exile’s Reach zone. More simplistic, realistic transmogs were presented, bringing appearances that players have long been awaiting.

Unfortunately, some of these items weren’t added, and players are asking Blizzard where the promised gear went. While plenty were added, there are quite a few missing from the gear that was datamined by Wowhead previously this year.

In terms of weaponry, players aren’t able to find the Warglaives that they expected, which brought a much-wanted simplistic approach to the complicated weapons. Also missing are some axes and swords.

Down to shields, players are disappointed to see the faction-centric shields missing. The models for some Alliance and Horde emblazoned shields had been datamined, as well as a variant Silver Hand appearance.

At the moment, this handful of appearances are the only ones missing, with the majority of others being added in. Still, plenty of classes are bummed to see the missing content – especially warriors and paladins, who are missing on melee weaponry聽and shields.

It’s unknown if this was a deliberate move from Blizzard so that they could be added in later or if they were cut for a different reason. Also possible, given the somewhat-shaky state of the prepatch at launch, is that it’s simply been overlooked.

If it’s the latter, players should hopefully find the appearances added in before too long. Otherwise, it’s unknown when or if we’ll be seeing the missing appearances added in, though not seeing them would certainly be a strange development.