World Of Warcraft Arena Duos Get Ready, New Tournament GCDTV 2v2 Winter Brawl Has Been Announced

World Of Warcraft Arena Duos Get Ready, New Tournament GCDTV 2v2 Winter Brawl Has Been Announced
Credit: GCDTV

Christmas came early for competitive World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth players, GCDTV is featuring a 2 vs. 2 tournament during the weekend of December 21st.

The tournament organizer announced this brand-new series recently via Twitter:

The North American GCDTV 2v2 Winter Brawl is an excellent chance for dynamic duos to get another tournament in before the year’s end.

WoW players that are interested have until 9 am PST on December 16th to sign up.

The days the Winter Brawl tournament takes place are Saturday and Sunday, December 21st and 22nd, if eight teams or less sign up.

If more then eight teams sign up, then there will be action on Friday, December 20th, as well. These matches will be played to see which eight teams qualify for the actual 2v2 Winter Brawl on the weekend.

Players will need to check out the link in the tweet for all official times and logistics of the tournament. GCDTV 2v2 Winter Brawl will be live-streamed on Twitch.

The matches will be played on the Tournament Realm, and each series will be a best of five. If a round takes more then 25 minutes, and there isn’t a clear team with the upper hand (2 vs. 1), than the game will be reset.

There are eleven maps available for teams to battle it out on, including:
• Nagrand Arena – This will be the first map of a match.
• Blade’s Edge Arena
• Ruins of Lordaeron
• Dalaran Arena
• Tol’viron Arena
• Black Rook Hold
• Ashamane’s Fall
• Mugambala
• Hook Point
• Tiger’s Peak
• Robodome

The only restriction of the build of a team is that one cannot have more than one tank and/or healer competing.

Teams will be seeded in the CDGTV 2v2 Winter Brawl Series’ tournament bracket. Once the teams have been established, tournament admins will calculate the average of the two highest 2v2 Arena rated, which will determine bracket seeding.

Now, let’s talk about money! The prize pool is a guaranteed $2000 USD, with the chance of it being even bigger. The allocation of the money is as follows: First place will take home 50 percent of the prize pool, second place will get 35 percent, and third place will earn a modest 15 percent.

So, for first place, teammates are guaranteed at least $500 USD each, not bad for a weekend of work!

This tournament sounds like an excellent time for PvP WoW players, and if they are interested in signing up, follow the link in the Tweet embedded in this blog!

GCDTV is also featuring a 3v3 tournament for North American and European players in December!