Know How To Adopt Sea Of Thieves Purple Monkey Sans Real-World Money, Gamers Push For A New Sea Monster

Know How To Adopt Sea Of Thieves Purple Monkey Sans Real-World Money, Gamers Push For A New Sea Monster
Credit: Sea of Thieves via YouTube

Sea of Thieves gamers can already have the chance to adopt the purple monkey without the need of real money.

When the Pirate Emporium update was made available around two months ago, new pets were added. The purple monkeys, as well as parrots, were included. However, adopting them was not easy. Making a transaction using real-world money was required. Getting the in-game currency needs it, too.

The latest update entails purchasing the Ancient Coin with real-world currency. This scenario has discouraged many fans. According to them, the system is not friendly for the loyal Sea of Thieves gamers.

Rare, the game’s developer must have heard their pleas. At the start of this week, the British company enhanced the game. It has already allowed the adoption of the purple monkeys without the need for real-world money.

While the introduction of an alternative mechanism could be an exciting move, not all fans can take advantage of it. This facility is open to the Amazon Prime account holders alone. Specifically, only the Twitch Prime members can own pet monkeys in Sea of Thieves sans real-world currency. Likewise, they can get them for free, and the pennies they are spending are just for the Prime membership.

On the other hand, gamers have called for the inclusion of a new sea monster. YouTube follower Halflifefan063 got the support of many others upon suggesting the idea. Accordingly, this would make the game even more “cool” and exciting. They recognized, though, that such a request would be difficult to implement. As of now, the developer may consider giving new features to the existing Kraken.

The newest update from Rare, The Seabound Soul, provided several enhancements, including those for the Kraken ship. In Sea of Thieves 2.0.9 patch, which was released a few days ago, the following developments were incorporated:

• With gold, gamers can have their Kraken ship in a more fashionable stance. The set can be purchased from the Black Market.

• A new Tall Tale story was launched. This features the challenging journey of the Ashen Dragon.

• Additional Commendations were created. These would help gamers in receiving new rewards. These are the Ashen Dragon Sails and Pendragon’s Sword of Souls.

• New Ashen treasures allow gamers to get ahead of the game. They may look for the Ashen Keys to defeat the Captains and earn Skeleton Orders. They may also beat the Ashen Guardian to get more hints on how to get to the Ashen Chests.

While the Sea of Thieves 2.0.9 update brought numerous developments, fans are still waiting for more. Hopefully, the next ones would already adopt their suggestions.