Victoria 3, The Upcoming Major Grand Strategy Title From Paradox Interactive, Now Has A New Trailer And A Release Date

Victoria 3, The Upcoming Major Grand Strategy Title From Paradox Interactive, Now Has A New Trailer And A Release Date

Paradox Interactive took more than a decade to announce a follow-up to its epic 19th-century grand strategy game Victoria 2, but it won’t take more than a year to release from there. Paradox Dropped a new Victoria 3 trailer today showing off some of the gameplay, and that’s the critical bit – revealing that it will launch on Steam on October 25th.

That’s a significant deal for Paradox fans since Victoria 3 was to them like Half-Life 3: a much-anticipated sequel that seemed unlikely ever to materialize. The prolonged wait became a meme, as is familiar with so many things online, and Paradox joined in with a meme competition.

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The news about society simulators is not the only sign to be released today. We also have the first gameplay trailer. Even though Victoria 3 won’t be released in its entirety for a few more months, it feels like a massive understatement to describe our early impressions as promising.

A simulation unlike anything ever before, Victoria 3 is stunningly ambitious, according to our previewer. Unfortunately, because of the intricacy of all the moving pieces, especially regarding the economy, there are some spots where it becomes problematic. But for the next ten days, I struggle to keep from playing it.

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Victoria 3 can now be preordered on Steam for $50/£42/€50, or a little more for the Grand Edition, which contains a variety of extras like the first expansion. In addition, the restored Victoria 2 soundtrack is included as a preorder bonus with either edition, which is a fantastic addition.

Developed by Paradox Interactive, Victoria 3 is a forthcoming grand strategy game. The developer is well-known for selecting PC strategy games available in various scenarios. Players can create their society in Victoria 3 by choosing from different foreign countries, which takes place between 1836 and 1936. Undoubtedly one of the studio’s most eagerly awaited games, we’re thrilled to learn more finally. The Victoria 3 System Requirements are now public knowledge along with the Steam website.