Total War: Three Kingdoms Mandate of Heaven DLC Spotlight Video Highlights Yellow Turban Faction

Total War: Three Kingdoms Mandate of Heaven DLC Spotlight Video Highlights Yellow Turban Faction
Credit: Total War Three Kingdoms via Steam

Total War: Three Kingdoms is a turn-based strategy game with real-time battles set in Ancient China. The game was initially released in May 2019, but new content continues to be released.

The newest DLC to be announced is Mandate of Heaven, which will be the largest DLC to the game yet.

The Mandate of Heaven DLC Steam store summary states: “The Total War: THREE KINGDOMS – Mandate of Heaven Chapter Pack depicts the events of the Yellow Turban Rebellion, enabling players to engage in the conflict from either rebel or loyalist perspectives. Introducing a number of new characters and playable faction leaders, the campaign begins in 182CE, but players can choose to continue well into the Three Kingdoms period, with familiar characters entering the campaign as the timeline progresses.”

A new spotlight video highlights some of the characters and battles players will face.

In the spotlight video, Lead Content Producer Tom and Senior Designer Simon describe the Yellow Turban faction in the upcoming Total War: Three Kingdoms – Mandate of Heaven DLC.

The free game update will allow Han Chinese faction players to adopt the new Empire government style.

Three characters are highlighted in the new DLC. Liu Hong is the Emperor of the Han Empire, who tries to maintain control while rebellions break out across the land. He has the unique faction mechanic, “The Imperial Court.”

Liu Chong is related to the Emperor, but not an heir to the throne. He is content with ruling his land. While battles break out around him, he fights to protect his family and the people he governs. His unique resource is Fortitude, while his faction mechanic are Trophies that grant him bonus effects.

The third character is Lu Zhi, a preeminent scholar during the Han Dynasty. He is both a master at research and sword fighting, which made him an excellent leader during battle. His unique faction mechanic is “The Great Library,” which offers bonus effects.

Even more factions are included in the Yellow Turban Rebellion, such as leadership under Zhang Jue, Zhang Liang, and Zhang Bao. Players can choose other notable characters in the series like Cao Cao, Liu Bei, Sun Jian, and Dong Zhuo.

Total War: Three Kingdoms is available now on PC. The Mandate of Heaven DLC is scheduled for release on Jan 16, 2020.