Top Streamer Believes The Next Halo Set To Release This Year Can Save The Series

Top Streamer Believes The Next Halo Set To Release This Year Can Save The Series
Credit: Summm Memes

Jaryd “summit1g” Lazar is one true believer that the Halo franchise is still worth saving. Despite raging repeated when he tried playing the Halo: The Master Chief Collection, he has nothing but hopeful words when he talked about the upcoming Halo Infinite on stream.

Viewers of Lazar knows him for not holding back his emotions and frustrations to a game. He got so upset with the Halo Collection he deleted it from his PC. From his point of view, the CS:GO streamer does not like how the game is not customized for PC but prioritizes console buttons for critical movements.

Since then, he’s been playing other titles such as Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege and Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice.

“Halo Infinite is gonna be the next boost that Halo needs,” he starts his argument. “None of the old Halos are gonna bring a huge community to it, but Halo Infinite could,” he continues. He adds that this is the first for the franchise to be built from the ground up for both PC and console. As mentioned above, the 8-year Twitch streamer is hyped for a Halo title that’s not only built for Xbox controllers but a mouse and keyboard as well.

He supported even more and said, “Halo Infinite, I think, will be – if they do it right – the Halo that everyone’s gonna be looking for.” The potential crossplay for all platforms, as he described it, could be “humongous.” With this feature, the 32-year old video game player said this upcoming game is going to be more beautiful in today’s standards, especially with kids.

His Twitch chat is opposite on this subject, though. One fan plainly said, “Halo is done.” Another described the game as OG, “Halo was god-tier, played that sh*t all the time in elementary. Good old OG Xbox days.” A different user believes Halo is out of the game, “HALO died for a reason, lol.”

While titles like Call of Duty are returning to the classic military-style gameplay, Halo is still true to its form with its sci-fi FPS franchise. 343 Industries, the Halo game developer, is betting on this year’s 6th main title of the series. The 2015 Halo, titled Guardians, sees some success but later faded due to players feeling the game is inferior to the 2010 Halo: Reach.

Recently, Mixer star shroud admits that it’s because of summit1g why he stopped playing Halo: Reach in spite of loving the game. “Actually, I loved it, but then summit1G stopped playing,” he explains to his viewers. “He stopped playing as I started playing, and I got bummed about it because I thought it was so fun,” shroud explains further.

The former Cloud9 CS:GO player also admits that he liked Halo’s casual modes, but none of its ranked games. “I loved Halo doing casual game modes like SWAT, snipers-only was okay,” he listed. “Sh*t like that. I liked that more than playing actual ranked.”

Halo Infinite is expected to release late this year to coincide with the next Xbox console.