Fable 4 Reported To Be In Development, And It Could Release As An Exclusive Title For The Xbox Series X

Fable 4 Reported To Be In Development, And It Could Release As An Exclusive Title For The Xbox Series X
Credit: Xbox Via YouTube

There’s no doubt that when it comes to exclusive titles, the PlayStation 4 had the Xbox One beat. With phenomenal releases like God of War, Spider-Man, and the remastered release of The Last of Us, Microsoft couldn’t really compete, even with games like Gears 5 and Halo.

But there may be a heavy hitter returning to the scene, and it would assuredly be an Xbox exclusive title for the upcoming Xbox Series X.

That game is the long-awaited Fable 4.

The Fable series has been a mainstay of the Microsoft console series since the days of the original Xbox. Players take on the role of a custom hero in the fantastical world of Albion, where they move through the story, deciding through actions whether they are the hero Albion so desperately needs, or the villain who is going to rule over the land for all eternity.

Unfortunately, with the cancellation of Fable Legends and the subsequent closing of series developer Lionhead Studios, it seemed as if the Fable franchise was dead in the water.

However, recently it has been announced that the fourth major installment of the Fable franchise is currently in development. But this time, it will be produced by Playground Games, the studio that created the Forza Horizon series.

The existence of Fable 4 has long been rumored, with reported leaks going back to June of last year. It came out that the newest Fable game might feature a journey across different planets. It was also reported that time travel could be a major factor.

When asked about Fable 4, Xbox head Phil Spencer seemed to have his guard up.

He said that the company wanted “to make sure that when we talk about things to come, whether it’s Fable or not, that the team feels very solid about what they are doing. I will harken back to… the Marvel MMO. Anybody remember us announcing a Marvel MMO? We didn’t even have a team that was signed that would do the Marvel MMO. Running a studio organization and making sure we’re talking about games at the right time, when we know what we’re trying to build – I’m not making any comment specifically about Fable; it’s about anything in the portfolio that we have some idea of when it would come out.”

According to some of the leaked information, in Fable 4 Albion is destroyed by a massive asteroid, called down by a mad king who has taken control of the Tattered Spire from Fable 2. The player would have to use elements of time travel to go back and stop the Mad King from enacting his plan. Supposedly, Theresa the blind seer and the Heroes Guild will be stationed on another world that the player can access. The player can also build towns throughout the open world.

The character creation will also reportedly be more in depth. Also, unsurprisingly, multi-player will finally become a reality for the Fable games.