Coromon Has Just Released Their RPG Demo On Steam For Everyone To Experience

Coromon Has Just Released Their RPG Demo On Steam For Everyone To Experience
Credit: Coromon The Game via YouTube

Some may believe that the idea of taming monsters and then forcing them to either fight other monsters in battle for be neglected eternally is the sole realm of Pokemon, and perhaps Digimon.  With both of those IP’s bringing massive funds to bear, it’s a difficult genre to successfully break into, yet Coromon has decided to attempt precisely that.

Coromon is an adorable pixelized RPG that focuses on capturing monsters found in the wild, and making them fight your battles for you while  the fictional version of PETA is apparently otherwise occupied.  It focuses on turn-based battles where you bring strategy to bear with over 120 different Coromon against the enemy.

You’re a young hero that has taken joined the Lux Solis organization, a technologically advanced organization that is at war with a shady organization that wants to release a ‘dark power’ into the world of harmony.

At first (and second, and third) glance it looks pretty much like the Pokemon series, but there are differences that could play out in Coromon’s favor.  Namely, you get bonus stat points upon leveling up your monsters, allowing you to customize their stats to match how you want to use them.  Whether you’re looking for an indomitable tank or a heavy one-hitter-quitter, you can turn your monster squad into a veritable force of nature.

There are also various difficulty levels that you can select, allowing you to choose how brutal your journey will be.  If you’re just looking for a nice stroll while catching some cute critters, or if you want to rip your hair out when your squad perishes for the fourth time in a row, there’s definitely something to shake a stick at in this title.  There are also six massive boss battles that were crafted just to see howo strong you and your monsters really are.

The developers TRAGsoft openly state that Coromon is a tribute to the original titles that developed this genre, and it’s readily noticeable.

Before you make any rash judgments yourself, however, the developers just announced on Twitter that the Coromon demo has been launched on Steam, and is readily available for anyone who wants to give the game a quick shake to see what it has up its sleeve.

The demo itself can be a bit rough around the edges, with controllers not being recognized (and suddenly becoming unrecognized), although the feature that allows you to map an unrecognized controller is a smart addition.

Given enough time, there’s a chance that there’s a shiny in here somewhere, but it seems like it needs a bit more time to cook.  We’ll see if their 2020 release date window is likely in a month or two.