The Unique Sci-Fi Shooter The Last Resistance Is Now Free On PC Via The Itch.Io Platform

The Unique Sci-Fi Shooter The Last Resistance Is Now Free On PC Via The Itch.Io Platform
Credit: Alpha Beta Gamer via YouTube

If you enjoy the survival-horror genre, there are a lot of great offerings on the marketplace at this moment in time. From zombie thrillers to haunted mansions, there’s never been a better time to be a fan of the horror gaming than now. If you have a PC and are looking to add something creepy to your location, you’ll be happy to know that The Last Resistance is now being offered for free.

It’s available on, which is a platform that has a lot of free offerings on a regular basis. This latest one is particularly good because of its unique themes and atmospheric experiences. It’s not the longest game in the world, but the short time you do spend with the title will leave lasting impressions — especially if you’re familiar with War of the Worlds. This was originally a science-fiction novel by H.G. Wells that depicted a future where the world was overrun by an alien race in massive tripod robots.

The Last Resistance follows these themes, especially in regards to the tripod robots you have to outrun. They have taken over the area, and in order to survive, your character has to scavenge for resources in hopes of making it through the night. The visuals are pretty creepy and really depict a world on the brink of destruction.

The robots in this game shine spotlights on surrounding areas to identify humans. Thus, you need to stay away from them to avoid detection and subsequent pursuits that are hard to outrun. The developers didn’t leave you completely empty-handed to brave this robot invasion, fortunately. There are a couple of tools you’ll find helpful, such as an ax to knock down wooden structures and a shotgun to blast away at these heartless machines.

A lot of stealth is involved, especially early on when you have limited resources. The longer you play, though, the more competent you’ll become at surviving and fighting. The fact that this game is shot in first-person just makes it all the more immersive and creepy. You always feel like a robot is on your backside, so you’ll have to stay mindful of the wood settings that you venture through.

The simple nature of this game gives it a lot of charm. It doesn’t have a convoluted story or an intricate combat system. Instead, it’s simply about surviving and doing everything you can to hold off the extinction of humans.