Splyce Top Laner Vizicsacsi Announces His Retirement From Professional League Of Legends

Splyce Top Laner Vizicsacsi Announces His Retirement From Professional League Of Legends
Credit: Vizicsacsi via YouTube

Top laner Tamas ‘Vizicsacsi’ Kiss decided to retire from the professional League of Legends scene after being in the scene for five years.

“My personal philosophy is to always give my best at what I do, but I don’t feel like I have the drive and motivation to go into the next years anymore,” he said in the tweet.

Vizicsacsi is leaving a legacy behind, after playing for great teams such as Unicorns of Love, FC Schalke 04, and Splyce. He remains in history as one of the most consistent top laners Europe had.

His dream of qualifying for the World Championship was accomplished this year, and with this, a new chapter awaits him. Even though he was knocked out in the knockout stage by SK Telekom T1, he has something to be proud of alongside his teammates. They managed to qualify for the knockout stage after being placed with the future World Champions in the same group.

His career might not be the most successful one, but it is a stable one, and players should aspire to be like him, a consistent player throughout the entire career on different teams, with different personalities and playstyles.

He began his professional League of Legends career in season 3. His debut was with Animate eSports, where the team participated in several minor tournaments. In season 4, he joined the challenger team. The team had mixed success until the Spring Promotion Tournament, where they received a shot at winning a spot in the EU LCS. They managed to win Millenium in a close 3-2 in their promotion matchup and qualified for the next EU LCS season. The MVP in that series was Vizicsaci on his Poppy pick in the 5th game who carried his team to the LCS; without his Poppy pick, there would be no Unicorns of Love.

Unicorns of Love gained a lot of fans due to their playstyle and a convincing win over TSM at IEM San Jose in 2015. They maintained it and kept growing their fanbase every year. Even when they were refused the franchising in the LEC and joined the Russian League, their fans joined them as well.

Vizicsacsi left a big hole for the current Splyce team to fill, but he might not be the only one. Jungler Andrei ‘Xerxe’ Dragomir has also been looking for other options, even out of LEC, while bot laner Kasper ‘Kobbe’ Kobberup’s contract expires on 18th of November as well.