The Sims 4 Finally Includes Fan’s Most-Wanted Feature In Its Latest Updates

The Sims 4 Finally Includes Fan’s Most-Wanted Feature In Its Latest Updates
Credit: SimsVIP via YouTube

In a live stream last Tuesday, Maxis Studios revealed that the infamous game, The Sims 4, is getting an upgrade, building in a feature that is desired by avid fans for years.

The Sims 4 is a game that gives players the freedom to use their imagination to create their own house, people, and world. From outfits to attitudes, each Sims is unique; they can be based on the player’s favorite pop star, secret crush, or fantasy. Players can also build their dream house using the build mode and experience the distinctive places and people.

The most-wanted feature to be included in the game refers to the customizable stairs. Yes, it might be hard to believe, but it finally became a reality. When players dive into the build mode, unlike in the past where they can place the stairs, now, a feature to swing the stairs is available. Players can divide the stairs to go separately to different locations, be it T-shape, U-shape, or even switchback.

Players no longer need to mess with the building construction and changing the wall’s heights, or putting the stairs on before creating everything else. Aside from changing the direction of the stairs, players also have the option to alter the length of any stair portion or turn the whole staircase and place them in any intended corner of the house.

Here’s the video that gives a sneak peek on the new feature of the game. The video also talks about other tools and items that are available in the game’s latest update, such as the new outfits, architecture inspired by the Muslim culture, and brand new furniture.

Before this feature existed, players need to learn the building process and only have the option to build the stairs in a straight line. To make matters worse, a few restrictions imposed by the game prevent players from adjusting the landing area properly; the landing area would just be too large when players attempt to put two staircases in perpendicular to each other. Moreover, every staircase always comes with floor tiles that can’t be deleted no matter what as it is a part of the staircase itself. Deleting the floor tiles will end up deleting the whole staircase.

This new feature will not only make the whole creations process faster for builders enthusiasts, but it can also facilitate the home creation steps for beginners of the game.