The Second Wave Of DLC Launches For Days Gone, Adds New Challenges For Players To Pit Their Skills

The Second Wave Of DLC Launches For Days Gone, Adds New Challenges For Players To Pit Their Skills
Credit: Days Gone via YouTube

When SIE Bendo Studio released Days Gone this April, players flooded stores to get their hands on the latest survival horror game. Days Gone has achieved critical success as another great entry into the zombie survival game canon. Why? Because nothing sells better than zombies and motorcycles and this game has these in spades.

Days Gone centers on Deacon St. John and his journey of survival after global pandemic strikes in the form of a virus transforming the population into ‘Freakers’. Traveling the breadth of the Pacific Northwest Deacon struggles to survive with his friend Boozer and find his wife Sarah.

Players have come to love the beautiful scenery of the Pacific Northwest while they combat other desperate survivors in search of sanctuary and answers to the plague that haunts their travels. Deacon and Boozer have encountered monstrous hordes of Freakers and escape through various means.

As mentioned this is the second release of DLC that has come to the game. The previous edition introduced an entirely different mode of difficulty to attempt in the main storyline. It also had its own bike challenges as well as the opportunity to earn the patches that can be stitched on Deacon’s denim coat. These patches provided perks such as increased stamina recovery, etc. This DLC was released not long after the initial release of the game and was something planned from the start.

Even with its relatively recent release, Bendo Studio looks to keep interested in their game Days Gone fresh in consumers minds. With this in mind, they have released their second free DLC for Days Gone. What does it add?

The latest DLC does not add any additional missions or supplemental story to the main plot, however, this new DLC does add new challenges for players to pit their skills against. Over the course of the next twelve weeks, there will be twelve different challenges. Players should prepare themselves for waves upon waves of marauders, bike challenges, various combat challenges, and of course horde challenges.

Players will be rewarded for their efforts by unlocking several new bike skins and amazing patches that will boost each gamer’s own experience of the game. The previous edition was only the beginning of making Days Gone an experience that stays with players long after completing the main story and hopefully provides impetus to buy later story DLC that is sure to come. This DLC is available now for players to bite into and fully savor some delicious new gameplay.