Some Impactful New Updates Are Coming To The Online Free-To-Play Warframe, Including Ship Combat And Cinematic Quests

Some Impactful New Updates Are Coming To The Online Free-To-Play Warframe, Including Ship Combat And Cinematic Quests
Credit: PlayWarframe via YouTube

Free-to-play online games have a huge fan base today. Gamers don’t have to invest any money in them if they choose not too, yet still, they get to have some great experiences. One of these games that has built a huge following over the years is Warframe.

It was first introduced in 2013, and right out of the gate, it was clear the developers at Digital Extremes had a hit on their hands. The gameplay is surprisingly fluid for a free-to-play online game. Moving about the stage with your selected space ninja feels so good.

The combat system is also a shining aspect of the game. You have a bevy of weapons to choose from, whether you’re looking to pick off enemies from a distance or take the fight to them with a melee weapon. Jumping and shooting have never felt so much fun.

Even the progression system keeps you constantly engaged. Every mission completed is one step closer to a better costume, upgrade, or weapon. Even though this game has done really well, Digital Extremes isn’t resting on their laurels. They’re continuing to make this game better and better with every update.

2019 seems to be a pivotal year for Warframe. Some major updates were announced at TennoCon 2019, an annual event that’s based entirely off the Warframe franchise.

Starting off, a new cinematic sequence is being added to the game. It’s designed to help introduce players to the backstory of the ever-expanding universe. We’ll get a deeper look at events that set the stage for where the story is at currently.

A new open-world setting is also coming in an update. It should give players more areas to explore and quests to go on. Also, a new cinematic quest is being added. A new threat has come to Earth, which pits the Tenno and Lotus against a much greater threat. What that threat is still remains unknown.

Last — but certainly not least — we got a sneak peek of the new mode called Empyrean. It enables a squad of players to man a ship against other AI and opponent ships. It is a lot like the upcoming space MMO, Starbase.

You’ll have the chance to upgrade your ship, customizing it with different parts and colors. Teamwork and strategy seem to be central to winning these spacecraft battles.

If you haven’t had the chance to check out Warframe, now may be the perfect time thanks to these upcoming updates. They seem to be taking the gameplay and story to new heights.