The Real-Time Strategy Game Homeworld 3 Was Just Announced At PAX West; Blackbird Interactive Is Handling Development

The Real-Time Strategy Game Homeworld 3 Was Just Announced At PAX West; Blackbird Interactive Is Handling Development
Credit: GameSpot Trailers via YouTube

It has been quite a while since a new Homeworld game has come out. These real-time strategy games are beloved by fans. The first game released all the way back in 1999, with the second following in 2003. The developers at Relic Entertainment certainly did an amazing job at creating a captivating story with addicting elements. Since then, we’ve gotten a Remastered Collection, which was not bad at all.

Those wondering when another entry in the series would surface can rest easy. Homeworld 3 is well on its way. That’s according to an official announcement trailer at this year’s PAX West event. The game is being handled by Blackbird Interactive, which makes sense considering they’re the brilliant minds behind the Remastered Collection. They know the franchise and lore well, so there’s no reason why they can make the official third installment great.

The trailer starts off with a fleet of fighter ships heading to a jump station in some remote location in space. The score in the background paints an ominous picture, as to signal something bad is about to happen. The crew enter through some sort of black hole and then the trailer cuts to black. It’s a short trailer that teases fans of this storied franchise of what’s to come.

That’s pretty much all of the details we have at the moment. If you’re not familiar with the series, each game involves a lot of space exploration. You’ll encounter numerous space pirates along the way, who are ruthless and will do anything to take your equipment. You’ll get to build up your fleet, customizing your ship with meaningful upgrades and cosmetics.

Like the first two games, you’ll spend a lot of your time gathering resources and building up your fleet. There will probably be both single-player and multiplayer modes in this third installment.

The former will have a story campaign. Hopefully, the developers go back through the story and cover past events as a refresher. It would give new fans the chance to catch up and returning players the ability to see what they’ve forgotten.

If you’ve followed the series over the last decade, you’re probably excited to see where the story goes and experience the upgraded graphics and gameplay elements. There aren’t any details on an official release date, but as we get further into the year, you can bet to see more updates and announcements. It’s all so exciting for fans of the space exploration genre.