The Puzzle Adventure Game Arise: A Simple Story Heads To The Epic Games Store In December

The Puzzle Adventure Game Arise: A Simple Story Heads To The Epic Games Store In December
Credit: Epic Games via YouTube

If you enjoy the platforming genre and play games on a PC, you’re getting another great one in Arise: A Simple Story. It will be an Epic Games exclusive as of December 3. It’s a great pickup from Epic Games, who has been keen on grabbing exclusives left and right. So far, they’ve done a phenomenal job at this tactic and it’s helping them establish themselves in this competitive platform space.

As far as Arise: A Simple Story, it’s a creative puzzle adventure game that was created by the people at Piccolo. An announcement trailer was just put out, which highlights the journey of an old man through life. It starts out with some sort of funeral procession, seemingly for the main character. The game starts at the end of his life and then works back one chapter at a time. This is pretty novel as most games today play out in linear fashion. You’ll get to see what events transpired that led him to his ultimate fate.

Right away, the visuals are popping. They’re unique in that they have a simple design, but there is rich color scattered everywhere. As the man moves forward, he goes from snowy mountains to fields of vibrant green. The designers have done wonders at giving this game a truly distinct visual personality. It invites you in right away.

Complimenting the beautiful graphics is the peaceful and somber score. It indicates that this game will take you on an emotional journey. That’s to be expected because anyone who’s reached a certain age knows the trials and tribulations that life can present at times. This man has seen a lot, and you’ll have the pleasure of experiencing his grand adventures firsthand.

A little bit of gameplay is even featured in the trailer. It shows the main protagonist moving around beautifully rendered stages. Some portions have large gaps that you’ll have to figure out a way around. Thus, the platformer has a puzzle design as well. Critical-thinking skills will be required to figure out a way to continue on your path.

Next to the unique graphics, peaceful score, and emotional journey, Arise: A Simple Story seems like a great pickup. Even if you don’t play a lot of platformers, this game breaks the mold in a lot of ways with its compelling story. Players are in store for a memorable journey that will move them from start to finish.