Piccolo and Techland Publishing’s Arise: A Simple Story Launches Soon On December 3rd

Piccolo and Techland Publishing’s Arise: A Simple Story Launches Soon On December 3rd
Credit: PlayStation via YouTube

Piccolo and Techland Publishing’s adventure game Arise: A Simple Story will be releasing soon on PlayStation 4, Xbox, and the Epic Games store for PC. Ahead of the release, let’s take a look at the announcement trailer that dropped a few months ago to see what’s in store for us with this

We see a wonderful glimpse at a few different elements of the game through this brief two-minute trailer. There’s no dialogue or narrators to explain anything as it instead relies on music and visuals to tell the story.

“Set out on an adventure through the changing landscapes of memories lush with feelings of love and loss,” reads the description on the official website. “Every moment of this rollercoaster ride is a new challenge and a chance to see your life in a different light.

The art style is both muted and colorful, where the faces and identities of the people in the story take a second place to the vibrant nature on display. We see scenes shift from vacant snowy mountaintops to vast fields of tree-sized sunflowers, from forested hilltops to crumbling landbridges. The trailer puts all of the nature in the game on display, briefly highlighting the gorgeous environments players will be journeying through.

Gameplay-wise, there are only the briefest of looks to see what awaits. In some ways, Arise: A Simple Story looks similar to games such as Limbo and Inside, utilizing environments and ambiance to tell the story. Platform mechanics and short puzzles seem to be highlighted in this trailer. We watch as our character climbs walls, pulls down trees to form a bridge, and jumps across chasms.

The most clearly shown element is that beautiful ambiance, as orchestral music soars. Strings, pianos, and woodwinds bring the world to life and invoke massive amounts of wonder and intrigue as we journey through the world. It all culminates in eerie silence in the wake of a rainstorm before soaring back up again with the scene overlooking a mountain peak.

While we don’t have much in the way of gameplay to go off of from the trailer, Arise: A Simple Story looks like it’ll be a beautiful way to tell the story. Whatever sort of gameplay we have in store for us, it’s a safe bet that it’s likely to be an amazing game, given what we’ve seen and the minds behind it. Either way, we only have to wait another couple of days to get our hands on this beautiful story-driven game.