A Beautiful New Game Is In Early Access But This One Lets You Rebuild Society With Garbage, Welcome To Flotsam

A Beautiful New Game Is In Early Access But This One Lets You Rebuild Society With Garbage, Welcome To Flotsam
Credit: Pajama Llama Games

There are many pop culture theories of what will bring about the end of mankind, but one of the more common ones is a great flood. In Flotsam, this is exactly what happened, and now it is up to you to rebuild society using the refuse of the past. There is trillions of tons of garbage in our oceans, destroying marine life and polluting our world. In this game, this very trash is what you will build the foundation of your society.

This game might be foretelling a horrible end but never has it been done before with this level of charm. The game is brightly colored and overall has a cheery tone. It almost has a lighthearted feel if you can ignore the billions of people that died during the apocalypse.

You start with three survivors marooned in the ocean. There is no evidence of society left but rather countless large chunks of garbage and debris floating about. This is where you start as you take recycling to a whole new level and begin to repurpose the garbage into a floating city.

You can send the characters into the ocean to collect garbage and wood, which you then turn into raw materials. As you start to use them, you slowly build up your floating city and create something that resembles society. You get to determine the rules and ways that your city grows as you continue to harvest garbage.

The first step to any new society is a long plank. This will be the anchor for buildings and other things you may need. A dryer, water purifier, and a place to sleep are the next set of priorities as you slowly build each building along this plank. Swimming can get exhausting, so use your time wisely to make sure your people are taken care of.

As more structures are built better materials can be gathered and the freedom to explore becomes an option. You can eventually build boasts so you can travel to new locations and build even more establishments. The entire game looks great fro the menus to the style. The only problem many players are having is that there is not enough food for everyone at the start.

The game is time-consuming and moves slowly making it perfect for you to do in the background while you perform other tasks. This game is a new take on the city-building genre with colorful art and a wonderfully cheery tone.

If you want to try out this game, you can currently find it on Steam for $24.99. If you buy it before October 3, you can get an additional 10% taken off of the title.