Gears 5 Boss Has Directly Addressed Microtransaction Concerns In The New Game Saying That “We Are Learning As We Go”

Gears 5 Boss Has Directly Addressed Microtransaction Concerns In The New Game Saying That “We Are Learning As We Go”
Credit: GameSpot Trailers via YouTube

Gears 5 is being heralded as one of the greatest games in the franchise earning back fan trust that was long thought gone. Many fans of the series have returned to the game to find that problems found in the previous installments have been fixed. Not only that but the Gears 5 team has been extremely receptive to fan feedback making players feel like their opinions matter.

Although the game itself is wonderful, there are some things that fans have noticed need to be fixed. The progression system is extremely grindy, requiring hours upon hours of dedication to get anywhere. More importantly, the cosmetics within the game are extremely pricey, resulting in many fans to worry about the future of Gears 5.

Although fans do consider battle pass systems far superior to loot boxes the balance is currently not there. The pass will release new maps, characters, and skins for free and microtransactions are cosmetics-only. Things were and are still overpriced on both sides, and Rod Fergusson took to Twitter directly addressing fan concerns.

He points out that a majority of the content is free and the amount is far surpassing Gears 4. With quarterly Operations giving even more content fans should be prepared for even more chances at gaining items in the game. Fans replied that the pricing of iron is ridiculous. No one really cares about blood sprays or banners; everyone wants characters and executions.

Rod continued saying that they are learning and improving as they go. Content creation takes time, and even small changes require tons of work before they are ready for release. He reassured fans that it would take some time to work through the issues, but they will evolve until they get the system right.

The gaming community is still concerned after the effects of Battlefront 2’s launch. The loot box issue that raised national headlines has everyone on edge watching companies closely for similar issues.

This is probably why Gears 5 stayed with the battle pass system. It is a tried and true formula resulting in the ability of fans to gain content by putting in the time. Cosmetic only micro-transactions craft the game itself into a stronger skill-based experience rather than relying on who has the biggest wallet.

Content is continuing to be added to the game, and fans remain optimistic that the developers will get it right over time. The campaign is still an amazing upgrade to previous experiences and the multiplayer, battle pass or not, is still a fun time for all.