PlayStation’s State Of Play Just Showed More Of Arise: A Simple Story, Which Is About An Emotional Journey Of Love And Loss

PlayStation’s State Of Play Just Showed More Of Arise: A Simple Story, Which Is About An Emotional Journey Of Love And Loss
Credit: PlayStation via YouTube

The latest State of Play just kicked off for PlayStation, showing a lot of upcoming games for the platform. These streams are always anticipated by PS4 users looking to see what’s coming down the pipe. There were a lot of great reveals, but one that stole the show in many ways has to be Arise: A Simple Story from Techland Publishing. This narrative/adventure game seems to be wrapped up in a lot of emotion.

It’s currently set to release for the PS4 on December 3. The emotional journey follows an old man who’s just passed away. The game opens up with a funeral pyre ceremony for him, who has seen his last days. His journey doesn’t end here, though.

He awakens stuck in limbo. The game then plays out with 10 memories of his past, depicting the loss of a loved one. For the old man, it’s apparently his daughter. Experiencing such a great loss for a child early in the years has to be hard, and you’re pulled in this emotional journey from the very beginning.

Not only is the story unique, but so are the visuals. They have a unique color pallet and the animations are like those you would see in a Pixar movie. It’s clear the developers wanted to give this game a very atmospheric vibe. There are beautiful environments you’ll move through while re-living these past, somber memories. These include golden fields of grass, snowy mountain tops, and flowing rivers.

Each memory takes place in a different environment, which immerses you in the experience and keeps your attention from start to finish. The artists at Piccolo Studio have a lot to be proud of with this project. Arise is dripping in personality, and it’s pretty clear the combination of visuals and story is meant to move you.

Even the score is somber yet peaceful. It’s not often when games tug at your heart strings like this. Even if you don’t like narrative-based games that much, Arise seems like it could do you some good. Who knows what revelations you’ll have as the old man tries to re-unite with his long-lost daughter.

Lastly, the game has puzzles for you to solve. You’ll get to fast forward or rewind time to create pathways for your character to move through.

Arise: A Simple Story seems like one of those games that sticks with you well after you’re finished with the story. Pre-orders are currently available on the game’s official website.