Kerbal Space Program 2 Release Date Could Be Delayed Further, Not Possible In Spring 2020

Kerbal Space Program 2 Release Date Could Be Delayed Further, Not Possible In Spring 2020
Credit: Kerbal Space Program via YouTube

Fans are already anticipating the release date of Kerbal Space Program 2. However, it appears that they may need to wait some more.

Previous reports surmised that the sequel to the well-loved space simulation game would arrive by Spring 2020. To fans’ surprise, its publisher has just hinted that such a schedule is impossible to meet.

Take-Two revealed that the publication of the original Kerbal Space Program’s successor would begin after the next fiscal year. Meanwhile, here is the game announcement trailer.

The company’s fiscal year starts on the first day of April. In short, Kerbal Space Program 2 would only be released after the said date.

To recall, the first KSP was launched in April 2015 and was initially made available for PCs. Desktop computers that run on macOS, Microsoft Windows, and Linux got first dibs of the game. Almost 15 months after, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One users finally got the chance to experience it, as well.

The Squad-developed title was well-received when it was launched, getting praise for its gameplay and theme. Many players cited particularly the way science was integrated into the sim game. Thus, the arrival of its sequel is something that fans have been waiting for.

While the developer cannot confirm the release date of Kerbal Space Program 2 yet, here are some exciting details:

• Squad is no longer in charge of the sequel’s development. Star Theory Games has replaced the Mexico-based video game developer.

• The second installment of the game will have a multiplayer. It is not yet clear as of now, though, how this mode would work.

• The story of the next KSP would not be limited within the Kerbal Space System. Players could enjoy flying outside the Kerbol System.

• The Kerbal Space Program 2 would not only focus on goals. Instead, it would also allow players to enjoy a “self-directed mode.” This means that they could set their minds on planting their flag on Mun.

• Star Theory is currently working on the amount of freedom that the sandbox mode would give to players. Yes, gamers can build anything they want anywhere. Nevertheless, the extent of this liberty has remained unknown until this day.

• The Kerbals would be cuter this time because of their more expressive reactions.

• KSP 2 would take fans to a big universe. This suggests that there is so much to explore when getting into the world of the Kerbals.

Keep posted for more Kerbal Space Program 2 news, especially updates on its release date.