The Original Cooking Simulator Overcooked Is Now Completely Free On The Epic Games Store

The Original Cooking Simulator Overcooked Is Now Completely Free On The Epic Games Store
Credit: Xbox via YouTube

Time and time again, the Epic Games Store delivers on free content. It happens every month and July is no different. Up until July 11, PC gamers will have the chance to pick up the original Overcooked for free on this platform.

Developed by Ghost Town Games, Overcooked is a fun cooking simulator. If you’ve ever imagined yourself as a chef cooking for patrons on a grand stage, this fun little co-op title offers a lot to love.

You get to control a bunch of chefs around a kitchen. Cleaning, cooking, prepping ingredients, and customizing orders are all tasks you can complete within a certain time limit. Sounds easy, right? Well, to test your cooking and meal preparing skills, the developers throw a bunch of obstacles your way.

For example, each time you start a cooking session, you’re greeted with a new kitchen layout. You thus never have the chance to establish a pattern with your cooking routines. It’s a brilliant design that makes simple meals like pizza and salad quite difficult to cook in time.

Additionally, everything you need to complete various cooking tasks is separated across the stage. You’ll spend a lot of time running around getting everything in order. As you can imagine, if you don’t work quickly, frustration will set in.

There are two modes: single player and multiplayer. The latter is particularly fun because it lets you work together with your friends. This game will test your cohesiveness and ability to work together, though.

The meals that you have to cook vary each time, which means every chef in the kitchen will need a plan of attack. By communicating and moving around the kitchen layout efficiently, you can have success. The whole purpose of cooking meals in a timely manner is to earn coins.

To make things even more difficult, different obstacles will be put in your way. For instance, a cross-walk for pedestrians might be included in the kitchen’s layout. This lets pedestrians walk through the kitchen and get in your way. You’ll have to navigate around them to meet your time deadlines.

Overall, this is a fun game that will cause a bit of frustration at times. It’s good frustration, though. You never know what kitchen layout is coming next or what meal you’ll have to prepare. To get this game for free, all you need is an Epic account. It’s easy to set up if you don’t have one already.