The Latest Sims 4 Update Is Causing Mass Fan Excitement Because It Features Customizable Stairs

The Latest Sims 4 Update Is Causing Mass Fan Excitement Because It Features Customizable Stairs
Credit: The Sims via YouTube

The latest Sims 4 update will release on the game’s fifth anniversary and features a whole slew of new features that are making fans of the 2014 game flip out but in a really, really good way. The new update will include Muslim-inspired clothing as well as building elements. Apparently there will even be hijabs included. There are also other features in the update like patio items and quality of life changes.

But the best news is this: The next update will also include fully customizable stairs. This, apparently, changes everything for the life simulation game. Previously, many different kinds of buildings (or homes) were impossible to make because the type of stairs a player would need to build was impossible. But no longer.

The new stairs in Sims 4 are completely customizable, which means they can be turned and stacked in any way you can imagine. Players can change the colors, the height, the type. Everything is editable.

This might not sound particularly revolutionary to new players, but it is. In the past, the only way to build certain types of stairwells was to try to force the game into allowing you to do things the game wasn’t designed to allow. For example, L-shaped stairs were not supposed to be possible but some gamers were able to force it anyway.

But the new stairs can be placed however a player wants them to be placed. In fact, if someone wanted to make a spiral staircase, then they could. This has never been possible in any Sims game to date. The opportunities are limitless with the new stairs, and because of that, now there are plenty of new opportunities to create the kind of house you want your Sims to live in.

Of course, this on its own is not necessarily news. But the fan reaction completely is.

Sims 4 fans, all over the internet, from YouTube to Twitter, are losing it over the new stairs update. One YouTuber started crying on her channel while playing the announcement trailer showing the new stair customization. And if you search “Sims Stairs” on Twitter, dozens of threads practically singing about excitement will pop up all over the feed. It is easy to say the hype is totally real.

The latest update is free of charge and will be released on Thursday of this week, which is September 5th. Make sure to download the update if you are a huge fan of Sims 4.