There’s a New Playtest For The Sims: Project Rene Out Now, But Getting Access May Prove Difficult

There’s a New Playtest For The Sims: Project Rene Out Now, But Getting Access May Prove Difficult
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EA provided gamers with a sneak peek at Project Rene. This game will likely be renamed The Sims 5 by the time it is finally released, and it also provided players with information on what lies ahead for The Sims series. This week, a lucky few people were granted the opportunity to playtest Project Rene, even though the game’s full release is probably still several years away. However, preliminary reports suggest that some users are experiencing trouble gaining access to it.

Maxis soon after verified the rumors that the playtesting for Project Rene would start as soon as October 25. The stories have been circulating for some time. In addition, those individuals whose applications for the playtest were selected will have the opportunity to invite up to three additional players to participate with them. Further evidence is that The Sims’s future will be based on encouraging players to play the game together.

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However, according to PCGamesN’s reports, users need help logging in to give Project Rene a go. This problem has been going on for quite some time. In a few posts on the EA Forum, users have reported that the option to begin the Project Rene playtest has been removed from their accounts, despite having completed all of the requirements necessary to become a playtester for the game, which included responding to a survey. Once they were given the green light, they could begin the test.

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It is hoped that this is only a little speed hitch on EA’s end, which will swiftly be addressed so that those who were allowed can take the very early edition of the new Sims game for a drive. When it comes to choosing who does and does not get to participate in Project Rene, however, it will make an effort to exercise extreme caution in the selection process. A considerable amount of time has been spent by EA in the process of playtesting their upcoming Skate game, and each time a fresh playtest is conducted, footage from the game makes its way into the wild.