The Next Sims Game Will Have Online And Multiplayer Features, Confirms EA’s CEO In New Interview

The Next Sims Game Will Have Online And Multiplayer Features, Confirms EA’s CEO In New Interview
Credit: EA via YouTube

The Sims turns 20 years old this month. From the original Sims released in 2000 to the extensive content of The Sims 4 that players have grown to love, this is a franchise that has spanned an entire generation of gaming and is well on its way into the next.

In EA’s recent 2020 Earnings Call, Andrew Wilson, the CEO of EA, was asked about the future of the Sims, specifically surrounding the next Sims game and the inclusion of an online multiplayer feature.

Wilson talks of a growing global Sims community, and how the world of gaming has changed since the inception of Sims 20 years ago. He uses terms of escape, self-creation, and imagination, without focusing on social interaction. Finally, he suggests that while The Sims will remain true to its roots, there might be space for a growing online experience for The Sims community.

For those who might never have played The Sims Online, it was a game that ran between 2002 and 2008. Also known as EA Land, the game was not well received, and many critics and players likened the game to a massive chat room rather than massively multiplayer online experience.

The Sims Freeplay is another example of a real-time social Sims experience, a Freemium mobile game released in 2012 for iOS, Android and even on Kindle. This is the first Sims game where actions are carried out in real-time, much like other Freemium games, and there is a significant social aspect of interacting with friends and competing with Social Points.

In the interview, Wilson talks about the growth of the Sims community online. There are large YouTube and Twitch followings for Sims creators, from those who explore the new expansion packs, to those who create impressive builds to share with thousands of online watchers.

As it stands there is no way in the Sims for creators to share their projects through the platform in a social way. Sure, there are ways to download builds and lots, but Wilson is suggesting a platform that makes interaction readily available for the next generation Sims title.

It is likely the next Sims game won’t arrive for some years yet. Sims 4 was only released in 2017 and the lifecycle of the franchise’s titles are often spaced out over many more years, filled in with expansion packs, DLC and content packs.