George R. R. Martin Discloses His Role In The Elden Ring Mystery

George R. R. Martin Discloses His Role In The Elden Ring Mystery
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We were all aware that the author of Game of Thrones, George R. R. Martin, had helped with the construction of Elden Ring; moreover, we needed to know precisely what he had contributed to the universe of Elden Ring. Miyazaki revealed to us that Martin was the one who penned the lore; however, Martin has now confirmed what exactly that lore comprised.

Elden Ring video game developers FromSoftware got in touch with me long ago when they intended to construct a universe, as Martin explained during an interview on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. They asked me to develop the world, which is something I’ve been doing for quite some time and something I enjoy doing.

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Although the events of Elden Ring take place in the present day, FromSoftware need his assistance in order to build the game’s history. So I went back 5,000 years and wrote a history of the game, detailing who all the characters were, why they were murdering each other, and what abilities they possessed, Martin explained.

It would imply that he didn’t just provide a general synopsis of the events, but rather a thorough history of the world, constructing the links and powers that all Elden Ring players are so eager to learn now, such as the buried hints concerning Sellen, Ranni, and the Carian bloodline.

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He also stated that he was unaware that it takes so much time to create video games. Given that the author takes more than a decade to complete a book, this statement is ironic.

Then, as usual, FromSoftware did what it does well and wiped off that planet, leaving us to deduce what transpired over Martin’s 5,000-year lifespan. breadcrumbs, such as the Glintstone helmets lighting when you perform the Erudition emote in World of Warcraft.