The Iconic And Beloved Cuphead Is Now Available On The PS4

The Iconic And Beloved Cuphead Is Now Available On The PS4
Credit: PlayStation via YouTube

When Cuphead debuted back in 2017, it was heavily praised for its artistic style. The developer StudioMDHR took a lot of inspiration from the animated cartoons from the 1930s.

On paper this might sound like it would date the game, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. The visuals give Cuphead such a unique identity that hasn’t really been replicated since.

And now, the game is available on the PlayStation 4. This news comes from a somewhat surprising announcement trailer on PlayStation’s YouTube channel. It’s always great to receive these little surprises on one of the best-selling consoles of this generation.

Cuphead has been available on the Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC for a while now — so it’s great the PS4 is getting some love too. Fans were beginning to wonder if it was ever going to end up on the platform. It’s great that it is because more people will get to experience its amazing and yet frustrating action at times.

The game revolves around Cuphead and his brother, Mugman. They end up getting into debt with the Devil himself and must fight to the tooth and nail to repay what is owed. Players spend a majority of their time going through run and gun levels and fighting off bosses.

Cuphead is considered a pretty difficult game, with death happening on a frequent basis. If you can put up with the repeated fails — though — having success and moving on to the next level does feel nice. You’ll experience these highs and lows throughout most of the game.

Even despite its more difficult nature, gamers can’t seem to get enough of its gameplay and visuals. It also helps that Cuphead has infinite lives and you don’t have to worry about losing everything you worked for after dying. You’ll just restart where you left off and continue your journey to repaying the Devil.

You don’t often see indie games like Cuphead. It may not have received a lot of traction out of the gate, but it has quickly become a must-play experience if you’re a fan of gaming in general.

If you can get past its more difficult parts and appreciate the unique visuals that the developer nailed down from the very beginning, then Cuphead may be worth checking out on the PS4.

It’s definitely one of those games that will test you and make you want to quit, but if you keep going, there is a lot to enjoy.