The Gotham Knights Have The Craziest Bugs Ever For Their Players

The Gotham Knights Have The Craziest Bugs Ever For Their Players
Credit: GAMER

On Friday, Gotham Knights were released, and thus far, things have yet to go exactly according to plan. Critics’ impressions were, to put it mildly, all over the map, and players didn’t have much better luck. Nevertheless, the fact that some players are having a good time exploring Gotham City as members of the Batfamily despite several glitches and performance difficulties, some of which are strange, is somewhat surprising.

After only two days of gameplay, scores of errors have already been discovered and reported. Players encounter bizarre levitating opponents in every corner of the city and plunge through the map. Because of this, it is pretty difficult to avoid the bugs because some of them start appearing as early as the lesson does.

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Even though ComprehensiveAd2429, a Reddit member, appears to have filmed one of the game’s first problems first, they are certainly not alone in encountering this issue. In the responses, additional people share that they, too, are falling through the map at that particular place, which suggests that everyone should avoid traveling down that particular section of the road until a patch is sent out.

Another mysterious foe that has been seen in certain players’ games is one that sits in meditation and has the ability to levitate. And make a full revolution around the room. The extent of their abilities is genuinely unbounded. Obviously, this would be nothing more than a humorous animation fault if that were all there was to it.

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Still, unfortunately, the bug also gives them the ability to live forever. Because of the problem, the goon cannot be injured, and as a result, many players are unable to complete the Criminal Stronghold assignment they have been working on. The developers have been notified about this bug. However, we are still waiting to receive a response from them.