Four Whole Days Before Schedule, Gotham Knights Will Debut

Four Whole Days Before Schedule, Gotham Knights Will Debut
Credit: pcgamer

The streets of Gotham are being taken over by vigilantes a few days sooner than expected to kick, hit, and baton crime in the face now that Batman is gone and anarchy is in full swing.

Gotham Knights were supposed to launch on October 25 for PC and consoles, but a significant delay forced it into 2021. The new date for release is October 21.

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I perceive that I’ve seen a lot of the heroes and action in Gotham Knights by this point, so the Gamescom trailer’s focus on the bad guys was a welcome change.

Although the HBO Max animated series and Margot Robbie’s joyful enthusiasm in Birds of Prey make Harley Quinn’s participation in this game seem a little dull, the game also stars Clayface. Clayface is adored by everyone. (I’ll say it again: you should watch the Harley Quinn cartoon.

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Another significant villain in Gotham Knights is Mr. Freeze, and if his boss battle is even somewhat as smart as the one in Arkham City, we’re in for a treat. The Court of Owls completes the list of antagonists that Warner Bros. has so far revealed, but there will undoubtedly be other surprises.

My prediction is that the Riddler will be dejected and hopeless because he hasn’t been himself since Batman quit deciphering his riddles. We might be able to change it, though.

The old launch date for Gotham Knights is still displayed on Steam and the Epic Games Store, but both sites should have it on October 21.

In fact, the Gotham Knights developers recently chatted with us and shared their thoughts on how Batman’s absence makes its superheroes shine even brighter. After being first revealed in 2020, there have been a number of updates that have clarified the gameplay, character skills, and more.

WB Games has also promised that this version of Gotham will be the most comprehensively portrayed in video games. Read on to learn everything we currently know about Gotham Knights if you can’t wait to dive in for yourself.