The Goat Simulator Is A Lot Of Silly Fun I’m Not Sure, Though, That I’ll Play For That Long

The Goat Simulator Is A Lot Of Silly Fun I’m Not Sure, Though, That I’ll Play For That Long

A technical marvel, Goat Simulator 3 is. Every object on the map interacts with every other thing, and there are virtually no barriers to exploration.

The mayhem I caused while playing a demo at Gamescom is a genuine testament to the developers’ skill and passion, as I used the game’s inventive features to solve puzzles and irritated the living daylights out of everyone else.

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I’ve been a troublemaking goat for an hour, so why is it that I don’t really feel the urge to pick it up again? Goat Simulator 3’s punchline remains the same no matter how many item combinations I try. But despite everything, I respect it for what it is, especially for doubling down on the ridiculousness that made the first installment renowned. As a result, the goat Sim 3 still has a somewhat limited appeal, albeit having a little more padding than its predecessor.

A game where you play as a goat and have little guidance by design would always be somewhat constrained. It’s entertaining to play rag dolls and carry objects in your mouth, but it isn’t easy to see how this will last for more than a few game nights with my friends. And throughout the demo, that impression persisted in my mind.

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Along with its embarrassingly 2000s minigames, Goat Sim 3 also perfectly captures the sense of playing a game with a pal at a sleepover as a young child. I observed the police and ambulance come as I was causing mayhem at a gas station. I naturally began to assault them as well as a result. It immediately reminded me of the time I played Fable 2 co-op with a friend and how we had agreed to complete the story together but ended up repeatedly annihilating an entire town. However, I wouldn’t find the Fable 2 massacres as exciting now that I’m not eight. Take what you will from that.