The Epic RPG Middle-Earth: Shadow Of War Is Coming To Xbox Game Pass In July

The Epic RPG Middle-Earth: Shadow Of War Is Coming To Xbox Game Pass In July
Credit: Saltiest Gaming via YouTube

Xbox Game Pass is such an incredible service for gamers who want access to classic and new AAA games. Every month, new games are added that give subscribers something fresh to check out.

This month, the epic RPG Middle-Earth: Shadow Of War is coming to the subscription-based platform. That’s good news if you’re a Lord of the Rings fan. This game first debuted in 2017 for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC. It was met with a lot of positive praise.

It has an open-world design where you’ll have the chance to explore Middle Earth like never before. Your main character is a ranger, Talion. He’s accompanied by the spirit of Celebrimbor, a high-ranking elf lord. The contrast between the two characters keeps the gameplay fresh and unique.

The story revolves around these two characters forming the Ring of Power, a force strong enough to defeat the evils of Sauron. You’ll spend a majority of your time building up your Uruk and Olog army.

There are sectors on a map that you’ll have to gain control of. To do so, you’ll storm enemy fortresses with your own personal army. You get to choose which Uruks and Ologs join your fight to stop Sauron once and for all.

Winning these fortress battles is key in spreading the Ring of Power across the lands of Middle Earth. Once a fortress is captured, you’ll periodically have to defend it. This goes on for quite a way, giving you plenty of content and battles to look forward to.

It’s amazing to see the diversity in the Uruk and Olog races. Each opponent you run into has a distinct voice, which goes to show you how much time the developers and voice actors poured into this game.

Additionally, each enemy you encounter has a different ranking. You’ll obviously want to go after the high-ranking enemies as to recruit them to your army. Another unique feature of this massive RPG is Talion’s ability to shame enemies. He uses the powers of Celebrimbor to do so, which will decrease an enemy’s ranking and make them easier to recruit/defeat in future battles.

If you’re looking for an epic game to immerse yourself in that’s filled with so much lore and fantasy, Middle-Earth: Shadow of War is certainly worth your time. It’s titles like this that keep showing up on the Xbox Game Pass platform, giving gamers their money’s worth ten times over.