The End Of Overwatch Has Come Launch Of Overwatch 2 Set For Tomorrow

The End Of Overwatch Has Come Launch Of Overwatch 2 Set For Tomorrow
Credit: GAMER

Overwatch has finally been put out of its misery! Blizzard’s servers for the first-person shooter game were taken offline today at 12:00 Eastern time, which meant the game was unavailable. Even though the servers will only be out for roughly twenty-four hours, the original Overwatch will be replaced with Overarch 2 when the servers return online.

After its release in 2016, the hero shooter that Blizzard developed garnered a large number of devoted players and was even recognized with multiple accolades for Game of the Year. Since then, it has produced comic book adaptations, a boatload of fan fiction (much of which is NSFW), and some excellent cosplay. Blizzard maintained a consistent supply of content for the IP to keep it current, but, over several years, this has gradually decreased. Now, Overwatch is making its way to the ultimate gaming console in the sky, and the next sequel, Overwatch 2, will attempt to replicate its success.

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However, those are some rather huge shoes for the sequel to try to fill, and many people on social media are skeptical that it will be able to. Nibellion, a user on Twitter, uploaded a screenshot of Overwatch’s disconnected servers in a tweet meant to commemorate this particular moment in the history of video games. He observed that it is pointless to continue playing the game. People are expressing gratitude to the game for its many years of entertainment while also expressing their uncertainty on whether or not Overwatch 2 will measure up to the hype.

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Unfortunately, Overwatch 2 is already receiving negative feedback due to several of the game’s new features. Open Queue will be the only game mode that may be selected when the launch event takes place. Playing a predetermined number of matches in the Open Queue will give you access to additional game modes, such as the Role Queue. In addition, it has been disclosed that players who have not experienced the previous game will need to grind to unlock heroes from the first game.