Skyrim’s Dragonborn Having The Legal Authority To Serve As Jarl Is A Long-Awaited Request From The Game’s Fanbase

Skyrim’s Dragonborn Having The Legal Authority To Serve As Jarl Is A Long-Awaited Request From The Game’s Fanbase
Credit: IGN

A fan of the role-playing action game The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim recently made a mod that allows the Dragonborn to serve as a true Jarl in the game, expanding the range of exciting possibilities available to players.

Jarls rule over major settlements and fortresses throughout Tamriel from their apex of power in Skyrim. It’s, therefore, no surprise that players would seek out positions of power, despite the reality that doing so would require them to shoulder the responsibilities of the city administration.

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There is no formal path for the Dragonborn to advance to the powerful Jarl position in Skyrim, though joining hidden organizations like the Thieves Guild or gaining the favor of a city’s officials can earn them positions as Thanes. Unfortunately, the quest protagonists of each city are assigned to these chairs, making them very difficult to remove.

Despite this, the fun Skyrim community has developed a mod that will allow users to achieve their lifelong dream of becoming a Jarl, complete with all the accompanying administrative responsibilities.

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Kp40az, a user on Nexus Mods, has released a new modification to the game called “Jarl of Solitude.” The mod’s description states that once installed, the Dragonborn can replace Jarl of Solitude Elisif and take control of the city’s economy via a tabletop minigame. After turning on the mod, the player will be teleported to Jarl’s office, where they can use the book to change tax rates, the tiles to construct new buildings, the chest and safe-to-store valuables, and more.

Toggle your allegiance to the Imperial Legion in Skyrim with Kp40az’s mod. Doing so will make any regions in the game faithful to the Stormcloak rebellion hostile towards the player, assaulting them on sight. Those who use mods should exercise caution when using this feature and only go to safe locations.

Kp40az also suggests starting a new game if you want to utilize this mod, or at least finishing the game’s civil war quest path so that everything makes sense.