Soon, We Can Expect News Of The Upcoming Need For Speed Game

Soon, We Can Expect News Of The Upcoming Need For Speed Game
Credit: gamer

There is a possibility that a new Need For Speed game will be revealed this week since the authorized Need For Speed Twitter account has been dropping hints about an impending announcement. It has been speculated for some time that a new addition will be made at the end of this year, and as how we are getting closer and closer to the year’s end, it appears that we will be getting that reveal very soon.

The new game, which is rumored to be given the name Need For Speed Unbound, is expected to be released on December 2 this year. At long last, the official channels have begun replying to fan inquiries about whether or not this information is accurate.

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We have been informed that a revelation will take place this week, and we would like to thank EA and Need for Speed. Can you guys confirm? Questioned the user @U5ER 141 on Twitter. This provoked a response from the official Need for Speed account, which simply replied with the symbol.

Even though this means that strictly speaking, we do not have a comment on the subject, it is a pretty strong indication that the rumors are true. In addition to this, another EA developer by the name of Codemasters responded to the tweet by saying, “Announce Need for Sp… oops.” It appears that we won’t have to hang around for much longer before the news is finally released.

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This year, an unbelievable quantity of information on this game has already been leaked, and as a result, it appears that we even know what the reveal trailer will look like. The duration of the trailer is rumored to be three minutes, and it will contain music by A$AP Rocky while it displays gameplay footage from the game.

Also, what appears to be gameplay footage has been leaked, showing a mix of cartoonish animations and photorealistic graphics. This ties up with what we had previously been told about the game from other leaks, which said it would showcase stunning graphics while also including anime aspects.