The Creator Of Destiny 2’s Cheats Insists That It Hasn’t Damaged The Game And Urges Bungie To Cooperate With Him

The Creator Of Destiny 2’s Cheats Insists That It Hasn’t Damaged The Game And Urges Bungie To Cooperate With Him

In May, a Seattle judge dismissed Bungie‘s lawsuit alleging copyright violations against cheat manufacturer AimJunkies, which presented a minor setback in the company’s legal effort against Destiny 2 cheat vendors. Bungie claimed that the production of exploits violated its copyright; however, AimJunkies defended its software as an original work, and the court decided.

The situation was not resolved there. Bungie’s lawsuit’s other aspects, such as its claims of infringement of trademark and “fake identification of origin,” were left unaffected, and the studio was given time to reassert its claim of copyright violation.

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A few weeks ago, it allegedly claimed that AimJunkies “reverse-engineered and duplicated the program code for Destiny 2” in order to create its cheat software.

Bungie claimed that AimJunkies had “replicated the Destiny 2 software code that relates to the datatypes for player positioning in Destiny 2 and reverses engineered the complex software for Destiny 2’s rendering features” in order to create the cheat software’s ESP function, for example, which allows the user to view other gamers through walls.

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AimJunkies isn’t giving up; in fact, a recent Torrentfreak report claims that the cheat maker is ramping up its own court action in defense of its program and the ability to sell it. The amended lawsuit is undoubtedly more thorough, but AimJunkies isn’t giving up.

According to the website, AimJunkies has served subpoenas on Valve, PayPal, and Google in an obvious attempt to obtain evidence that will demonstrate, contrary to what the game studio has stated, that its hacks did not harm Bungie.

AimJunkies also justified its Destiny 2 overlay, asserting that it is identical to the one in Steam, in a press statement that was published on the website.

“It is our opinion that OUR software product just mimicked the overlaying that Steam and a plethora of other applications use.