The Cost Of Overwatch Skins Is Something That Blizzard Wants To Know. What Do You Think Of A $45 Overwatch Skin?

The Cost Of Overwatch Skins Is Something That Blizzard Wants To Know. What Do You Think Of A $45 Overwatch Skin?

In order to gauge player interest in the impending free-to-play sequel’s skins and other cosmetics, Blizzard sent surveys to a variety of Overwatch gamers.

According to a remark to PCGames from an Overwatch representative, the survey’s pricing was chosen at random, but the recommended price for the “Mythic” skins surprised many players.

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All of the original game’s cosmetics will be included in Overwatch 2, but the game will also have battle passes and randomized loot boxes that will be dropped.

The only thing Blizzard has confirmed is that additional cosmetics, including weapon charms, banner emotes, and customizable Mythic skins will be offered.

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You can change specific features of a hero’s skin with mythic skins. For example, the colors of Genji’s armor, eye glow, mask, tattoo, and weapons can all be customized in the Genji Mythic skin, according to concept art displayed by Blizzard during a stream in June.

These features are not customizable in any other skin currently on the market. Mythic skins might cost as much as $44.99 or as low as $29.99, according to estimates from the most current study.

Screenshots of surveys asking respondents about $24.99 Legendary skins and $9.99 weapon charms were released by Reddit user chaosunleashedX and Twitter user Portergauge. They could choose from a range of cosmetic packs priced at $4.99, $19.99, and $29.99 in the polls.

Both articles have received mostly unfavorable comments and responses, with many people noting the Diablo Immortal monetization scandal and the game’s apparent financial success as reasons to be concerned.

“Yes, I won’t pay $44.99 for skin; they’re stupid to think so. However, with that money, you could at least purchase one nice game.

I adore the game and everything it stands for, but if they keep charging these rates, OW 2 will end abruptly, “Yourcupofkohi commented on Reddit.