The Battle Royale Game Stormdivers Is Being Put On Hold, According To Housemarque

The Battle Royale Game Stormdivers Is Being Put On Hold, According To Housemarque
Credit: BRUTALSAM via YouTube

Battle royale games, even still today, are extremely popular. It’s not hard to see why, either. The ability to last in a competitive battle featuring dozens of other players feels so satisfying. Fortnite and PUBG lead the charge in this space, but there have been many other decent games to follow suit. One of the better-looking battle royale games that was supposed to launch in 2019 is Stormdivers by Housemarque.

It’s shot from a third-person perspective and features some of the more chaotic battles in this space. Unfortunately, it’s not ready to come out of the oven just yet. Housemarque made this announcement recently and it was brought on by another mystery game. They want to put all of their efforts on getting this game out as opposed to Stormdivers.

Apparently, the game is going in a completely different direction and it involves lofty goals. Thus, Housemarque has to pool resources wherever they can, even at the expense of their highly anticipated battle royale game. The developer didn’t give an updated time frame for when Stormdivers would release, but hopefully, it still comes out this year.

It has already shown a ton of promise. Like many battle royale games, it features a re-occurring nano storm. It forces players to venture closer to opposing solders. You’ll have to stay on guard while braving the elements. The tropical island that’s featured as this game’s main map looks incredible. There appears to be all sorts of landforms and structures you can use to your advantage, especially as enemies get closer to your location.

The weapons in this game also look very unique. There are trailers showing rocket launchers, machine guns, and powerful melee-based swords. Housemarque really has done a good job at giving this game a unique identify, all while keeping battle royale elements that gamers love.

Even the way players move about the island seems unique. For example, players can use jet packs. They can help you move across large stretches of the map in no time. They also seem like a great resource to use when gaining the upper hand on land-based opponents.

It’s a shame that Stormdivers wasn’t able to debut last year like the developer had originally planed, but there may be a silver lining. The delay gives the developer extra time to perfect this game. It could be much better than what fans imagined. It’s still a title worth holding out for.