Returnal Has New Gameplay Footage Out Now Featured On The PS5

Returnal Has New Gameplay Footage Out Now Featured On The PS5
Credit: PlayStation via YouTube

The PlayStation 5 has now been out for several weeks. Thus far, the community seems to be taking well to it. The next-gen graphics seem to be what many hoped for and the haptic feedback provided by the DualSense controller is a revolutionary selling point that many can’t get enough of. It takes immersion to the next level from a feeling standpoint.

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The game library also isn’t too shabby, with titles like Astro’s Playroom, Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales, and Sackboy: A Big Adventure to choose from at this current moment. There seems to be something for everyone that has been lucky enough to get their hands on this still hard-to-find console.

One of the more promising PS5 exclusives that fans have known about is Returnal, a third-person psychological horror game being developed by Housemarque. Its moody sci-fi themes were highlighted back in June, but now, there’s a new gameplay trailer that peels back the curtain on the horrors that await players bold enough to venture through a foreign planet.

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The trailer doesn’t pull any punches, but instead gets right into the combat sequences. The player makes use of a lot of technologically advanced weaponry that show a lot of firepower and diversity right out of the gate.

The monstrosities the player battles against are just as awe-inspiring, ranging from creatures with hundreds of tentacles to flying demons. They all have such a unique color palette that instantly draws you in. You want to find out more about these threats teeming around a well-detailed environment.

Based on the visuals, it’s clear Returnalhas next-gen qualities. Everything seems so crisp and the sci-fi elements provide a haunting feel that stays with you throughout the trailer’s entirety.

We also get a glance of the time-looping concept. Players will take control of a female space pilot named Selene. She’s stuck in a time loop and every time she dies, she’s forced to venture through this alien world and face different threats.

That should give this game a lot of re-playability as the elements change all of the time. The high-tech weapons the developer has provided should give you a chance of lasting through the alien threats in hopes of breaking the cycle.

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The PS5 is still hard to come by, but once more are made and the next-gen console becomes readily available, you have to imagine Returnal will be a top title that PS5 console owners look forward to experiencing.