The Callisto Protocol Looks To Be A Promising Dead Space Spiritual Successor According To Latest Trailer Announcement

The Callisto Protocol Looks To Be A Promising Dead Space Spiritual Successor According To Latest Trailer Announcement
Credit: IGN via YouTube

The Game Awards 2020 had a lot of compelling game announcements, with a lot of attention being put on the horror genre. You had games like Evil Dead: The Game, Evil West, and Back 4 Blood all featured at the awards show — which had a digital presentation because of the pandemic still affecting many around the world.

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There was also a surprise announcement for The Callisto Protocol, a first-person space horror game. It’s from the people that made the Dead Space series and not surprisingly, seems to be a spiritual successor to this beloved survival-horror series.

Dead Space as a franchise is rooted in atmospheric horror, all taking place in space. The concept of space is already mysterious and frightening, but then you add hellish space creatures and that’s a recipe for a lot of tension-filled moments.

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There were a total of three major installments in the series, but still, many have longed for continued life in the franchise. Although The Callisto Protocol isn’t officially a sequel, it does have a lot of similar elements that made the Dead Space series so popular.

In the trailer, you can quickly see the tension-filled aura of the space prison that our unlucky victim finds himself stuck in. He’s locked in a cell with unthinkable monstrosities that have a taste for human flesh.

You’d be hard-pressed to find a more scary horror experience than what’s offered in the Dead Space series, and that looks to be ringing true in this upcoming first-person horror game from Striking Distance Studios.

According to them, they want to make this title the scariest first-person experience ever and if the trailer is an accurate representation of what the game will provide when it releases, they just might be able to pull it off.

Of course, this new trailer just shows cinematic sequences. Gameplay probably won’t come out for a while considering the game is targeted to release in 2022. That’s pretty far off so it might be better to temper expectations, at least until more details come out from the developer.

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Still, it’s good to see another game like the Dead Space franchise being worked on. There are so many passionate fans that still enjoy revisiting the older games. Being able to have a next-gen sci-fi horror experience with the same Dead Space elements sounds like an incredible formula that hopefully the developer can really perfect over the next year. That would be huge.