The Worst News: Powerful Role-Playing Game Duelyst Will Be Going Out Of Business Next Month

The Worst News: Powerful Role-Playing Game Duelyst Will Be Going Out Of Business Next Month

Listen up kids, there are card games, and then there are CARD games. If you have ever played a specific form of a card game, the ones that just happen to get all of the right elements into the mix, then you will be able to recognize that the power of the fire is within. That is why some card games really rely on total strategy instead of just a bunch of scraps of paper.

And that, my friends, was exactly why Duelyst was such a successful game. It was a Steam game that showed us the power of tactical role-playing games as it manifested within the card-carrying universe, of which I am a card-carrying member. You know what, that is what defined all of these great moments. But now, it’s all over. Shed a tear for the real MVPs out there, pockets stuffed full of cards.

Here though, the card universe was really about being all digital. And maybe that is what ended up costing the developers everything they had strived for. In the end, who can say?

Here are the details. The developers over at Duelyst have announced that the card-carrying tactical role-playing game will be shutting down its servers next month, officially on February 27th. This has to be one of the worst days of 2020, but there is also a whole year left. We all hope it does not get any worse than this because this is pretty bad already if you know what I mean.

Anyway, the development team over at Duelyst wanted to let all of their fans know that they will never give up hope. They hope we return the favor, and one day they might make such a powerfully obscene game with our help. Whether it ends up being Kickstarter or just general goodwill, the future can be whatever we make it out to be.

So, if you haven’t yet experienced the full power of one of the greatest games ever created, get on Steam and try it out. This is definitely your last chance.

One of the best parts about Duelyst was that the cards you found were often rare. And that means more rare for everybody. It is one of the greatest drawbacks of rarity that the rarer something is, the less you can have of it. But the developers working over there on the Duelyst team somehow managed to handle that problem. You never once feel left out in Duelyst. Too bad then. Good luck everyone!