Nintendo Announces A Brand New Pokemon That Defeats Its Enemies Using Hypnosis Via Twerking

Nintendo Announces A Brand New Pokemon That Defeats Its Enemies Using Hypnosis Via Twerking
Credit: Pokemon Official Website

Twerking is one of the wildest phenomena of the last decade, and many of us have laid witness to it many times. But that does not mean we necessarily want it inside of our games. Anyway, Nintendo is here to deliver whether we want it or not, so open up those gullets and get ready to eat whatever they feed you. More content is on the way, as they say.

Turns out there is a new Pokemon in the works for the powerful games Pokemon Sword and Shield. It just so happens this game has all the strength and character of someone who just found that there is a fly in their soup, and Nintendo is ready to capitalize on that energy: Grumpig is a new Pokemon with the ability to twerk, and it WILL hypnotize your Pokemon if it has to do so.

This is going to be a new challenge for trainers all over the world. We will not have the capability to resist. The prediction from the big heads over at sites like IGN and Kotaku is that every major player’s team will incorporate the power of Grumpig in some capacity.

If you want to be an outsider, then here is your chance to rise to the top.

Resist the urge to build a core team using the powerful hypnotic abilities of this Pokemon, and you can end up becoming a complete and utter champion once again (assuming you were ever a champion in the first place, which is surprisingly easy for anyone who has played a Pokemon before in the past, ya dig?).

Pokemon Sword and Shield have recently expanded the deck by adding dozens upon dozens of new Pokemon for their upcoming expansions and DLC. They want you to catch ’em all, but are you willing to cough up the cash to get it done? It’s a hard case, we all admit. But each of us will have to make those choices on our own. If you do decide to go down this path, just make sure you watch your back because the world is full of challenges.

Anyway, Grumpig is some sort of Pokemon that combines the types of power we normally found in Psychic style Pokemons. But be warned: He also looks like a weird kind of guinea pig. That might inform your way of thinking about this little rat–is it a vermin? Or something more? You will have to play to find out. Good luck, friends.