EVE Online Gamer Does An Auction Buy For Ship Worth $40,000 USD For Big-Time Charity Purchase

EVE Online Gamer Does An Auction Buy For Ship Worth $40,000 USD For Big-Time Charity Purchase
Credit: CCP Games

There are two types of gamers in this world. The ones who are all about that space and the ones who are all about that bass. Okay, okay, there might be a little bit of overlap between the two. And maybe those categories are completely made up in the first place, but you gotta know something. If you are paying $40,000 dollars for a space ship in an online game, then you are definitely all about that space.

So what are we talking about here? It’s pretty simple actually. There was an auction a few days ago for an EVE Online mega-ship, and there was some rich bozo who went out and bought it for $40,000! But he wasn’t a complete bozo apparently because all of the money ended up going to charity, which is always a good thing.

This is pretty powerful stuff anyway you wanna slice it. Personally, I would prefer that we don’t even attempt to slice it at all. If you ask me, we have way too much stuff going on here to be cutting into anything too wild.

This person–dare I say, the Kim Kardashian of the EVE Online in-game universe–might be the most powerful being we have ever seen. If they get what they need, they could even take down the rest of the MMORPGs and make everybody smiling getting it done. We should cheer this kind of behavior every chance we get.

The only drawback is this: How can any of us hope to compete against a $40,000 ship? It has all sorts of new cannon upgrades, a thicker hull, an updated shielding system, and all of the other bells and whistles one might expect to find. I mean, why wouldn’t it? If you happen to pay that much, it better come with all the perks.

But the worst part and this is huge for those of you who know anything about the power of EVE Online, is that this bad boy comes with an updated FTL drive and it can really get out there quickly and in a hurry. Do not mess with this thing.

Nevertheless, if you see them running around or gunning it down, be sure to give them big props. Thank you for everything you have done, Mr. Rich EVE Player. We will be with you always, and as gamers find the courage to finally rise up, you will always be known as the good one. Keep it real, friends.