Sword Art Online Fatal Bullet Complete Edition Free Update Coming Early February In Japan

Sword Art Online Fatal Bullet Complete Edition Free Update Coming Early February In Japan
Credit: Sword Art Online Fatal Bullet via Steam

Bandai Namco has announced new content is coming soon to Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet. The title was initially released in February 2018.

The free Winter update will include new scenarios, a new mode, and a new character.

The news was announced during a Bandai Namco live stream earlier this month. They didn’t go into the new content in detail but provided some images of customers and weapon skins.

The characters detailed in the live stream include Kureha, Zeliska, and Itsuki. All three characters were shown in-game and with sketches of their real-world counterparts.

Takamine Momiji, otherwise known as Kureha, is the protagonist’s childhood friend and well-known in the game for her high-skill level.

Sai Yukitsugu, or Itsuki, is one of the most popular characters in the Gun Gale Online game featured in the series.

Hoshiyama Midoriko, or Zeliska, is one of the heroines in the game. Like the other characters, she’s also a skilled player.

The free Winter update also includes a new scenario. The protagonists are trying to take on a new quest, but Afasys (localized in North America as ArFA-Sys) is unable to speak further about it. According to the live stream, this is related to the new quest.

There were also updates related to the “Abyss Dungeon.” This location is where players can jump in from the beginning to test their abilities. In the Abyss Dungeon, players can level up their skills and collect items on their goal to take on all 50 levels of the dungeon. Save states save every four levels, and players can resume if they die along the way.

The free Winter update for Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet will be available on February 3 in Japan.

Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet introduces third-person shooter elements in an all new dynamic experience! With a unique hybrid shooter/RPG action dynamic balancing gun and sword play with skill and gadget combat, SAO: Fatal Bullet will allow players to full dive into the immersive interactive landscape developed by Dimps with competitive and cooperative online modes. Prove your strength using double jumps, air dashes, and wall to wall repelling to engage your opponents online!” states the official game description from Bandai Namco’s official YouTube page.

Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet is available now for PC via Steam, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. A Nintendo Switch release is planned for early February in Japan.