Surgeon Simulator 2 Adds Several Competitive Challenges In Its Latest Update

Surgeon Simulator 2 Adds Several Competitive Challenges In Its Latest Update
Credit: Bossa Studios

For some people, competition brings out the absolute best in them. If used properly, pitting someone against someone else can achieve fantastic results. Does that work with surgery and dueling surgeons? Almost definitely not, but that’s not stopping these doctors. Apologies in advance to Bob, who will almost certainly not fare well.

Surgeon Simulator 2 is getting an update that will add competitive multiplayer. There will be several modes, and they won’t all be limited to medical procedures. Not only will surgical skills be put to the test, but players will need dexterity, accuracy, and the strength to continuously rip limbs off of bodies. You know, doctor stuff.

For example, Run for your Money is a mode that sees the surgeons bouncing around on trampolines, grabbing falling coins and loading them into a pachinko machine. Whoever has the most coins when the timer hits zero is declared the winner. While this activity doesn’t seem to have any clear link to a medical practice, I’m certainly no doctor.

Another non-medical mode is Balls to the Wall, a platforming game which has teams competing to guide giant balls into their goal while dodging giant beams.

Pulse Racer seems to be straight-up competitive surgery, where two teams of two race to treat more patients than the other team in the allotted time. This mode definitely sounds like traditional Surgeon Simulator gameplay, albeit in a head-to-head setting.

The Bob-stacle Course is a 2v2 obstacle course that involves surgery, which seems all too appropriate for the Bossa Studios title. Surely, there will be blood.

Then there’s Hide and Shriek, which has players hiding items in the hope that the competition can’t find them. This almost seems out of place, considering that it’s not outrageous and wildly irreverent.

Not to worry, because Arms Race more than makes up for the utterly unchaotic Hide and Shriek. In Arms Race, players will rip off the patient’s limbs and hurl them basketball-style towards a goal. This seems much more in line with the spirit of the game and not entirely unlike a typical Surgeon Simulator procedure.

This is the game’s first official update since being released a couple months ago at the end of August. It’s free, too, which is awesome considering the amount of content that’s been added. It’s time to take your surgical prowess to the next level and show those patients exactly why they should seek medical attention somewhere else.