Reina & Jericho Is A Time Traveling Platformer Headed To PC And Nintendo Switch In 2021

Reina & Jericho Is A Time Traveling Platformer Headed To PC And Nintendo Switch In 2021
Credit: Steam XO

Reclamation Games has announced that their upcoming Metroidvania title is headed to PC and Nintendo Switch next year. Reina & Jericho is a unique platforming title about revenge, love, loss, and more. Travel across the ruins of crumbling nations as you face your greatest fears time and time again.

This game is a fight for the future as Reina and Jeircho’s hero doubles back to the past to right wrongs and fixes problems. Gather power-ups, synergize with other abilities, and increase Reina’s fighting prowess as she causes a chain of chaos through cause and effect.

This game is a story about creating a better future. Travel through time and create a perfect chain of cause and effect as you travel through an intense story-driven experience. Travel through a fortress as you confront Reina’s past, present, and future all at once. Bend time itself to your will as you shatter foes and become stronger.

Caught completely unprepared and unarmed, Reina must master the tools she has to travel through a mountain fortress. Defeat an evil tyrant as you try and save Jericho from the dangers within the mountain.

Throughout the game are powerful artifacts that can be earned by defeating powerful foes. Travel through time, overcome obstacles, and use the knowledge you gain to try and create a chain of cause and effect results.

This game has intense actions sequence that only get faster and stronger. Use powerful upgrades as you augment Reina’s combat abilities and create a unique approach to her fighting style.

This is a story about love, loss, and strength as you push past all obstacles to try and craft a better future. This game will change based on player decisions, so watch your ripples through time become an interesting and threatening reality.

This game is full of time-bending puzzles that rely on this travel through time. Go to the past, judge a cause and effect relation, and augment the future to try and change it for the better. Create the perfect mix between chaos and purity as you manipulate the timestream.

The game comes with a randomizer and speedrun mode allowing for multiple levels of exploration and replayability. Enjoy this game through different challenging filters as you take on the challenges again and again.

Reina & Jericho is planned to release on both PC and Nintendo Switch as of April 29th, 2021. Prepare to save the future by entering the past.